The first time I visited Wadi Al Qelt, I was completely stunned by its beauty. But what surprised me most was seeing these large black crosses peaking in-between the hills. When I asked, I was told that these crosses signaled the presence of an important religious site at the end of the trail. It was the start of a never-ending love story between me and Wadi Al Qelt. So I visit it again and again. Like today.

As I drive to the starting point of my hike, I realize I love Wadi Al Qelt because it never disappoints. Whether you take a vigorous hike or just a short one, the valley will show you something new every time. There are the ancient man-made water canals running through the hills, in winter time carrying crystal clear water down to the city of Jericho. With a bit of luck, you will spot the rock hyrax, also known as the rock rabbit, peaking from one of the many holes in the walls of the valley and enjoy the wildlife. And there are beautiful natural springs that invite a swim.