Five reasons to sleep in Mary’s House

Welcome to Mary’s House, a unique and beautiful guest house right in the heart of Bethlehem. If you are looking for a place to stay in the city of the Nativity, well, you’ve found it! We’ll give you five reasons why.

  1. Mary’s House consists of a number of characteristic houses, all more than 200 years old, which have been converted into a guesthouse and a small monastery. The Bridgettine sisters have managed this monastery since 2002. 
  2. The guest house has 14 rooms, a chapel, a dining room, a lecture hall for 60 persons, and a lovely garden. 
  3. Mary’s House is located near the Manger Square and the Old Market, 10 minutes walking distance from the Nativity Church. 
  4. The views from the top of the guesthouse – the city and the surrounding hills and mountains – are truly magnificent. 
  5. The whole place truly breathes authenticity, simplicity, spirituality, and modernity. Adding to this: the House cuisine serves mouth-watering dishes for local and foreign visitors upon demand.

So: see you at Mary’s House!

Saint Mary


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